Enterprise StarterKit

Starting a new project with the most recent MvvmCross codebase and nuget packages can be very timeconsuming. We get you started with our StarterKit based on the latest version of MvvmCross and our own Magic Source.

Just ask us for the newest version, tell us what your goal is and we get you the best and fastest start ever!



After sign-up you receive our Enterprise StarterKit. Based on the popular MvvmCross framework we deliver you an Enterprise code base to start your App development project at full speed. Android, iOS and Windows are supported right now.

Starting a MvvmCross based Xamarin project is a smart decision, especially when you plan a multi year strategy around your app. But setting up a codebase which can last for several years is not that easy!
Our StarterKit covers all your needs on this and will give you’re new project a fantastic head start, saving you weeks or even month of development work. Next to that we designed it in such a way that we can deliver you every quarter with an update you can add you’re code to. You can update your code yourself or you can ask us to do that for you. Of course you can use your service hours for that! Next to the platform specific patches we will also release every quarter new features to the StarterKit.


  • MvvmCross based
  • Updated frequently
  • Working project setup!