Jump-start your Xamarin-based projects with XabluCross

XabluCross for MvvmCross is a free Visual Studio Extension that lets you quickly set up new mobile projects with all the features you need.

Save time and ensure a solid app framework

Integrated into Microsoft’s Visual Studio, Xamarin is a powerful tool for creating native mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows on the same platform, but setting up a new project can take time. We’ve created XabluCross for MvvmCross to help you get started with new projects much more quickly.

Save time

Save time setting up your Xamarin/MvvmCross-based mobile project

Ensure a solid foundation

Start with a solid app framework with a shared codebase across different OS versions

Get expert support

Access expert support as needed, whether training or a code check


Target platform options

Create a ready-to-run project within Visual Studio

Choose your target platforms and NuGet packages

Select your platform specific options

Add the color scheme and logo for your app

Select your platform-specific navigation patterns

Choose which plugins to install

Install MvvmCross, XabluCross, Xamarin and Open Source plugins

Add Azure cloud services like Xamarin Test Cloud and Microsoft HockeyApp

XabluCross for MvvmCross: Introducing the Visual Studio Extension

Lead developer Martijn van Dijk introduces the extension and goes through the many options available.

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